How to ensure safety of kids on swing set

The reports that are shown by the Consumer product safety commission are really disturbing as it states that more than 51,000 children attend the emergency medical care due to an accident that happens at home playgrounds. More than 80% of these injuries are due to a fall. This raises a serious concern and in order to spread awareness, this could be a helpful read.

Gorilla Swing Sets

Things that must be kept in mind

  • Purchase swing set according to the age and buy toddler swing sets for young kids.
  • Do not buy long slides, purchase slides with less than 10 feet long. The maximum height of the deck should be close to 5 feet, remember this the height that a parent will be able to assist the child. The Gorilla playsets are designed within these limits too put safety at the top.
  • There should be ladder next to the slides or swings, they design should be such that it speaks safety and nothing else.
  • The swing sets should be placed at an open space there should be ceiling or any hanging objects anywhere near the swing that the kid can reach or get hurt by while playing.
  • The landing areas should be made soft by adding soft soil.
  • Adults should always monitor the kids while playing.
  • For every season make sure that the maintenance is done. Any wear tear or damage done should be taken care off before letting the kids mount on the swings. The Gorilla Swing Sets come with a warranty which allows changes of parts that are not functional.

The awareness around the swings will be the only way to avoid any such mishap. The kids should also be given instructions time and again on how to be safe on the swings. Do not let the kids play without these things in check.