Studying Brand Behaviour near Holiday Season

The idea of consumerism is embedded deep within us. We are the victims of corporate culture that has designed our lives in such a way that we are always in need of more. Our needs and wants have become endless and the brands are making great amount of money by because this nature of ours. The brands and big companies are also run by humans who eventually want to make it big in the world. No matter how big a brand has become there is always scope for more. Even the top brand needs to do a lot more than others to make sure that it remains on the top every time.


Marketing industry has become an integral part of any business and the busiest time for any marketing firm is during the holiday season. During this period all the brands are in the race for getting the most from the consumers, as consumers tend buy a lot more during the holiday season. Brands tend to become more aware about the consumer needs and start offering schemes to attract them. Usually it starts with them offering the consumers things such as discount codes, voucher codes and coupons in order to get them into stores and buy just the basic things first. Schemes include things such as buy one get one free or certain amount of store credit that you can further use for buying products from the same store.

Brands often repackage themselves in such a way that they are more visible to consumers compared to their competitors. The people are willing to spend more and the brands make sure that they do. There is more number of advertisements during the holiday season just to grab your attention. Brands and marketing companies have totally redefined holiday season.